Dear Matt & Kim

Dear Matt & Kim (A love letter),

I’ve never written a love letter to two people at once before, let alone two people of the opposite gender.  Thank you for making this possible. 

I love you because your funky, bangin music yells at me to cut out my “moods.” Kim, it is like Sprite on the rocks to see you slapping the drums.   This carefree, uncertain, but certainly wild sound makes me want to adopt this as my life’s soundtrack, though I’d have to become a happier person.  Does that even make sense?  Gosh, I’m blushing and blabbering. 

Matt, your voice is not a tempered, practiced, or even very talented (no offense, I can’t sing either) choral experience, but it is so genuine that it echoes.  The tone made me think you were homosexual, and I’m not sure why— maybe your eighties vocal quality reminds me of Duran Duran

I looked your status up, and immediately asked my husband, “Did you know Matt & Kim are dating?”  and he said, “What? So?”

 Either way, it doesn’t matter.  This letter isn’t even a very good one, as love letters go, but I had to write it because every morning I get in my car and listen to your songs, which I could compare to a cup of coffee (another love letter I’ll write some time).  I was supposed to be writing this morning, a post about anything.  The title of my blog-post rolled around in my head like a familiar song:  Dear Matt & Kim. 

 And who doesn’t want a love letter every now and then?

And now, I can write about other things.


Your millionth fan, Sarah.


About Sarah Cedeño

Sarah Cedeño received her BA and MA in Creative Writing from SUNY-Brockport, and her MFA in fiction from Goddard College. Her work has appeared in The Rumpus, Hippocampus Magazine, The Bellevue Literary Review, Literary Mama, and Redactions. She lives in Brockport with her husband and two sons and teaches writing at SUNY-Brockport. View all posts by Sarah Cedeño

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